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Appropriate Preposition U, V, W,X, Y & Z

Unite with (ঐক্যবদ্ধ হওয়া):Be united with your brothers. 

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Used to (অভ্যস্ত): The poor are used to hardship. 

Useful to, for (উপকারী): This book is very useful to the students for their examination.

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Appropriate Preposition with V Letter

Vary from (ভিন্নরূপ হওয়া): Taste varies from man to man. 

Verge on (নিকটে): His conduct verges on madness.

Veiled in (আবৃত:The truth was veiled in mystery.

Vexed with (বিরক্ত): He was vexed with me at my behavior.

Versed in (দক্ষ):Mr. Karim is well-versed in Roman law. 

Victim of (শিকার): Habiba was a victim of circumstances. 

Void of (বর্জিত বা শূন্য): The boy is void of common sense.

Appropriate Preposition with W Letter

Wanting in (অভাবী,বিহীন):The new employee is found wanting in common sense.

Warn against (সতর্ক করা): Father warned him against over-work. 

Waste of (অপচয়): It is waste of money to continue this losing business. 

Wait for (অপেক্ষা করা): We waited for him. 

Warrant for (পরওয়ানা): There is a warrant for his arrest.

Want of (অভাব): He is in want of money. 

Watch over (নজর রাখা): Watch over the situation.

Weak in/at (কাঁচা): The boy is in/at mathematics.

Weary of (ক্লান্ত): I am weary of hard work.

Wish for (ইচ্ছা করা): A poor man like him cannot wish for a better house.

Witness to (সাক্ষ্য): Your certificate bears witness to his good character.

Worthy of (যোগ্য): His way of life is worthy of praise.

Wonder at (অবাক হওয়া): All wondered at the boy’s behavior.

Zeal for
(উৎসাহ): Mrs. Karim has a great zeal for social work.

Zest for (অনুরাগ): I have a great zest for literature.

Yearn for, to (আকাংক্ষা করা): They yearned to return work.

Yield to (বশ্যতা/নতি স্বীকার): The principal did not yield to the student’s pressure.

Appropriate Preposition
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