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Greetings, Farewells

You say “How do you do“ to a person when formally introduced or when you meet him / her for the first time.  This formula may be used almost any time of day. You say it without expecting any answer but ”How do you do”.

You say “Good morning“ to people you know little or when your greeting is more. This formula is used before lunch. To those you know well you may say simply ”Morning”.

You say “Good afternoon“ to people you do not know very well between lunch time and tea-time.

You say “Good evening“ to people you do not know very well after 6 p.m. to those whom you know well you may say ”Evening”.

The proper universal greeting is ”Hello”. †his formula is usually used with the first name. (Hi! – sounds friendly, )

After an informal or friendly greeting often comes the question ”How are you?” the standard reply is ”I’m fine, thank you? And you?”t

How do you do.
Hello! How are you?

How do you do.
(I am) Fine, thank you.
(I am) Very well, thank  you.
(I am) Quite well, thank you.

Not so well, thank you.
So, so.
More or less all right.

NOTE: All these replies are usually followed by a polite question: ”And how are you?” or: ”How about you?” or: ”And you?

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√ A:
Good morning!
B: Good morning! (Often is followed by a polite phrase: ”Nice weather, isn’t it?”)

√ A: Good afternoon!
B: Good afternoon! (”Lovely day, isn’t it?”)

√ A: Hello! (Hullo! Hallo!)
B: Hello! (”Nice to see you.”)

Farewells !!

√ A: Good-bye!
B: Good-bye! (”It’s been nice to meet you” / or ”seeing you”)

√ A: Good-bye! 
B: Bye! Hope to see you soon (informal).

√ A: So long! 
B: So long! (”See you later” / or ”I’ll be seeing you!”)

√ A: Bye-bye! 
B: Bye-bye! (”take care!”)

√ A: Cheerio! 
B: Cheerio! (”Keep in touch.”)

√ A: See you soon! 
B: See you! (”Call me some day.”)

√ A: Farewell (when parting for long).
B: Farewell! (”I’m going to miss you.”)  Am: I gonna miss you.

√ A: Bye! Have a nice week-end!
B: thanks, you too!

√ A: Good night! (before going to bed).
B: Good night! (”Sweet dreams!”) 


If you would like to invite someone Please look at the followings…

How (what) about going to …? 
Would you care to …? 
Would you like to …? 
Could you …? 
Will you join us?

That’s a good idea!
I’d love to!
I’d be delighted.

With Pleasure
No objections
I don’t mind
It’s all right with
Call me up (at home, at the office).

Formula 02

Come over to my  place.

Are you engaged (busy)?

Sorry, I’m engaged (busy).

I’ve got some things to do.
I have a previous engagement.
I’ve got an appointment.
Settled (agreed).

√ A:
Does it suit you?/ Is it all right with you?
B: That suits me perfectly.

√ A:What are you doing tomorrow?
B: Nothing special. Why?

Request & Advice

If you need  to request someone for something Please look at the followings…

A: Pass me the calculator, please!
B: Here you are!

A: Will you, please, make some tea for us?
B: Gladly (willingly, with pleasure). Just a minute!

A: Get me a taxi, will you?
B: All right, I will.

A: Could you make a call about our order?
B: Yes, Certainly.

A: Please, note down …
B: Yes, Mr / Mrs …

A: May we have your calculations?
B: Here you are!

A: Could you look through these catalogues, please?
B: Most willingly.

A: Would you be so kind as to …
B: Yes By all means.


If you don’t mind, we could …
If you have no objections …
It would be nice if you could …
We suggest that you should …
We ask you to consider our
I’d suggest that you should …
You should take into account …
You’d better …

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