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1. Lack of (অভাব): He has no lack of friends.

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2. Lacking in (অভাব আছে এমন): He is lacking in courage.

3. Lame of (খোড়া): Monir is lame of one leg.

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4. Lament for (বিলাপ করা): She lamented for her child.

5. Laugh at (বিদ্রূপ করা): We should not laugh at the poor.

6. Lay by (সঞ্চয় করা): Lay by something for the rainy days.

7. Learn by (মুখস্থ করা): Learn the poem by your heart.

8. Listen to (শোনা): Please listen to what I say.

9. Live on (খেয়ে বাঁচা): Most of the animals live on the grass.

10. Live in (বাস করা): He lives in Dhaka.

11. Live at (ছোট স্থানে বাস করা): I lived at Hathazari in Chittagong.

12. Live beyond (বাঁচা): He lives beyond his means.

13. Liking for (রুচি): I have no liking for sour things.

14. Limit to (সীমা): There is no limit to the demands of the labourers.

15. Loyal to (অনুগত): Every citizen must be loyal to the state.

16. Look after (দেখাশুনা): He looks after me.

17. Look for (খোঁজা): I was looking for the lost phone.

18. Look into (অনুসন্ধান করা): I am looking into the matter.

19. Look over (পরীক্ষা করা): He was looking over the answer scripts.

20. Long for (কামনা করা): He longed for name and fame.

21. Lost in (মগ্ন): Simon is lost in meditation.

1. Married to (বিবাহিত): Salma was married to a Govt. Officer.

2. Made of (তৈরী): This necklace is made of gold.

3. Match for (প্রতিদ্বন্দ্বী): He is no match for me.

4. Meet with (হঠাৎ কোন কিছু হওয়া): Yesterday I met with an accident.

5. Mourn for (বিলাপ করা): Don’t mourn for the lost chance.

6. Mourn for/over (শোক করা): It is useless to mourn for/over the dead.

1. Name after (নামকরণ করা): This college is named after his father.

2. Necessary to, for (প্রয়োজনীয়): Balanced food is necessary to good health. It is not necessary for
him to enter into service.

3. Need for, of (প্রয়োজন): There is need for a good Job. I do not feel any need of fame.

4. Neglect of (অবহেলা): The worker was asked to explain the cause of his neglect of duty.

5. Noted for (বিখ্যাত): She is noted for dancing.

1. Object to (প্রতিবাদ করা): Many people objected to the remarks of the leader.

2. Oblige to (বাধিত হওয়া বা করা): I am obliged to him for his co-operation.

3. Object to (আপত্তি করা): He objected to my proposal.

4. Occupied with (ব্যস্ত): He is occupied with home work.

5. Open to (উম্মুক্ত): His activities are open to the public view.

6. Opportunity for, of (সুযোগ): I have no opportunity for becoming famous. I was looking for an opportunity of writing an e-mail to you.

7. Opposed to (বিরোধী): My parents are opposed to my starting the business.

8. Opposite to (সামনে): Our College is opposite to the hospital.

9. Originate from (উৎপত্তি হওয়া): The device originated from china.

10. Overcome by (পরাভূত হওয়া): He was overcome by my opposition.

11. Overwhelmed with (অভিভূত): They were overwhelmed with joy.

12. Owe to (ঋণী থাকা): I owe my all to my parents.

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