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Appropriate Preposition with P & Q Letter

1. Parallel to (সমান্তরাল): The road runs parallel to the river.

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2. Part with, from (বিচ্ছিন্ন হওয়া): I cannot part with this English Grammar book. I parted from my school friends long ago.

3. Partial to (পক্ষপাত): The examiner should not be partial to any student.

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4. Pay for (মূল্য দেওয়া): You have to pay for the misdeeds.

5. Peculiar to (নিজস্ব): This style of hand writing is peculiar to Rahim.

6. Pity for (করুণা, সমব্যথা): I feel pity for this helpless oldman.
7. Play at (খেলা): I do not play at cards.

8. Play on (বাজানো): They play on the piano.

9. Plead for (ওকালতি করা): He pleads for justice.

10. Pleased with (সন্তুষ্ট): Mr. Shamim is pleased with all his employees.

11. Polite in, to (মার্জিত): We must be polite in our dealings. One should be polite to others.

12. Popular with (জনপ্রিয়): The Principal is very popular with the students.

13. Prefer to (অধিক পছন্দ করা): I prefer coffee to tea.

14. Preside over (সভাপতিত্ব করা): The Chairman presided over the meeting.

15. Prevent from (বাধা দেওয়া): The teachers prevented the students joining the procession.

16. Pride in (গর্ব অনুভব করা): Mahbub takes pride in her beauty.

17. Promote to (পদোন্নতি করা): Mrs. Sheuli has been promoted to the post of the Headmistress of Noajispur High School.

18. Provide for, with, against (দেওয়া): My uncle provided me with money. The hospital does not provide food for patients. Bangladesh must provide against shortage of food.

19. Pride on (গর্ব করা): None should pride himself on his wealth and honour.

20. Proud of (গর্বিত): He is proud of his high birth.

21. Provide for (বন্দোবস্ত করা): We provided for our children.

22. Provide with (যোগান দেওয়া): We should be provided with food and shelter by the Government.

23. Proportionate to (আনুপাতিক): Punishment should be proportionate to offence.

24. Preferable to (অধিক পছন্দযোগ্য): To me death is preferable to dishonor.

25. Pretend to (ভান করা): He pretends to be sick.

1. Qualified for (যোগ্য প্রতিপন্ন হওয়া): No candidate was properly qualified for the post.

2. Quarrel with (ঝগড়া করা): Some girls quarreled with one another.

3. Quarrel over (কোন বিষয়ে ঝগড়া করা): Do not quarrel over this trifling matter, let it be drop.

4. Quick at (চটপটে): A cashier must be quick at figures.

Appropriate Preposition
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