Dialogue about Corona-virus

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Dialogue about Corona-virus

Here is a Dialogue between Sajib and Rahim about Corona Virus

Spoken English Course November

Sajib: Hello Rahim! How are you?
Rahim: I am physically fine but a little bit worried about pandemic situation.

Sajib: That’s right. Can I know some basic information about Corona virus from you?
Rahim: Of course infact, we all should know about it.

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Sajib: First of all tell me what the Corona virus is, where it originated and how it spread.
Rahim: Well, Corona virus is completely a new born virus. It can frequently change its strain. It first originated Wuhan city in China. It is believed that the virus spread from either one kind of sea fish or bat meat (বাদুড়ের মাংস) . But some blame that China intentionally cultivated the virus and spread through ought the world.

Sajib: Whats the symptom of Corona virus affected people?
Rahim: It looks like the general cold that we have during weather change. General symptoms are cough and fever. And at the sever stage you will start to feel pain in your throat and the whole body, body temperature will be high and it will be difficult to breath.

Sajib: Terrifying! How to keep away from it?
Rahim: Well, if you are still away from it you should maintain social distance. Don’t go outside if it is not necessary. Even if you need to go outside, wear mask and keep yourself at least 6 feet away from other people.

Sajib: What’s the medicine of if?
Rahim: No special medicine is available for it. Scientists are working to invent better vaccine for it.

Sajib: What should people generally do to prevent this virus?
Rahim: Wash your hands for 20 seconds frequently, don’t touch your nose, eyes and mouth with your hand frequently. Wear masks and maintain social distance when you go outside.

Sajib: Thank you so much for your important information.
Rahim: Thank you too.

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