A Dialogue between Doctor and Patient

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A Dialogue between Doctor and Patient

Here is a dialogue between doctor and patient.

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Sakib: Good evening, doctor!
Doctor: Good evening, Mr. Sakib. Can you tell me what your problem is?

Sakib: I have been suffering from some disease.
Doctor: How long have you been suffering?

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Sakib: Say, about more than two months.
Doctor: Have you visited any doctor before?

Sakib: No, this is the first time I have come to you. I never thought it to be so serious.
Doctor: Have you taken any medicine?

Sakib: Yes, but that was prescribed by a LMF.
Doctor: How do you feel now?

Sakib: There is a pain in my back. I cannot tolerate it.
Doctor: Don’t worry. Get these tests done. After getting the test reports, I will prescribe medicine for you.

Sakib: From where should I get these tests done?
Doctor: You can get them done from any clinic or hospital.

Sakib: Thank you. I’ll see you tomorrow with these test reports.
Doctor: All right. I wish you good health and good luck.

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