Past Tense

Past Tense

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After reading this Past Tense article you’ll be able master on this topic.  You’ll discover all about past Tense including Past Tense Definitions, Past Tense Formula and Past Tense Examples and Exercises.

What is Past Tense? Past Tense Formula & Past Tense Examples of real life.

Now, let’s talk about our most discussed topic. Well, Past tense describes the past event & the past state of being. In other words, the action was finished and the time is over.

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Let’s see the Past Tense Examples to clarify the definition;

  • I drank coffee last morning (past event)
  • He was happy or sad (past state of being)

Above examples, first one is “drinking coffee” which wan a past event and in 2nd example, his mood of happiness was in the past situation or condition of health.

Now let’s look at the simple but illustrative info-graphic that will help you to have a quick view on the past tense details.

Past Tense

Now let’s discuss details

Simple Past Tense Definition:

The Past Simple Tense is also called the Simple Past is used to describe the past actions that happened either at a specific time in the past. To clarify more, the action is finished and the time is over.

Simple Past Tense Formula:

Sub + Verb (past form) + Extension


  • I went to London last week.
  • He took his dinner
  • They played football well yesterday

Simple Past Tense Examples: 

  • We played a wonder football match last week.
  • He joined the army last year.
  • They planted trees beside the road.
  • My father bought me a shirt.
  • She cried for her baby because the baby got sick suddenly.
  • Sofia studied hard to pass her exam.
  • Daniel got a new job last month.
  • We discovered a new way of learning English.
  • The man walked 5 miles at a stretch.
  • He learnt to speak English when he was at his eight.

Past Continuous tense Definition:

Past Continuous Tense is used to describe an ongoing activity in the past

Past Continuous tense Formula:

Sub + was/were + (Verb+ing) + Extension


  • I was playing cricket.
  • We/You/They were joining the party.
  • He/She/It was reading for Exam

Past Continuous Tense Examples: 

Here are some more Past Continuous Tense Examples. Read the real life examples and increase your understanding level of Past Continuous Tense

  • I was playing cricket.
  • Mom was cooking when I reached home.
  • They were talking to each other.
  • David was planning to go abroad.
  • Nadia was preparing herself to appear at the exam.
  • The teacher was telling an insightful story to the students.
  • The two women were quarreling for whole day.
  • They were trying to find an effective way to solve the problem.
  • She was feeling bored at her physics class.
  • They were watching a drama on TV.
  • He was telling about himself in the meeting.

Past Perfect Tense Definition

The past perfect tense is used to indicate the first one of two actions which happened simultaneously in the past

Past perfect tense Formula:

Sub + had + Verb (past participle) + Extension


  • I had phoned you before you came here.
  • Father had bought me smartphone before he bought me a laptop.

Past Perfect Tense Examples:

Some more examples of Past Perfect Tense to clarify your understanding.

  • I had written the letter.
  • He had taken his dinner before they came.
  • We had played football match before it rained.
  • I phone my dad to tell him I had stopped smoking.
  • We had completed the project before the deadline ended
  • They had finished eating before I appeared there.
  • When I was younger I could remember what had happened before my eyes.
  • I had taught many students before I left my teaching job.
  • He had worked here for 10 years before he established his new company.
  • After I had bought a new car, I started driving this. 
  • After I had met him, I knew a lot of things about his life.
  • After I had finished my graduation, Many companies offered me lucrative job.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense Definition:

The Past Perfect Continuous Tense is used to describe an ongoing activity that occurred for a period of time or a point of time in the past.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense Formula:

Sub + had been + Verb+ing + Extension.


  • I had been waiting for you for half an hour.
  • He had been learning driving since January.
  • She had been suffering from fever since Monday.
  • Past Perfect Continuous Tense Examples: 

Past Perfect Continuous Tense Examples:

Here are Some more examples to clarify your idea about the Past Perfect Continuous Tense

  • I had been learning English for 2 years.
  • I had been waiting for you for 20 minutes.
  • He had been watching the game since evening.
  • They had been working in this company for six months.
  • Dad had been looking for a comfortable house for us since last January.
  • She had been searching for a job which fits her qualification.
  • We had been collecting information for starting a new business for the last 3 months.
  • You had been writing this business proposal for a week.
  • David had been working on this project since last February.

Now, let’s look at the simple info-graphic that combines the 4 kinds of Past Tense 

past tense formula past tense examples

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