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Spoken English Course November

✅ My name is…
✅  I’m…
✅ Nice to meet you; I’m …
✅  Pleased to meet you; I’m …
✅ Let me introduce myself; I’m …
✅ I’d like to introduce myself; I’m …
I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is …
✅ I don’t believewe’ve met before, I’m…
✅ I don’t think we’ve actually met formally yet, My name is….

পরিচয় করিয়ে দিন

✅ Murad, please meet Jahed.
✅ Jahed, have you meet Sadia?
✅ I’d like you to meet Sadia.
✅ I’d like to introduce you to Sumi.
✅ Adnan, this is Sharmin.
✅ Sanjida, this is Rajib.

English Conversation: 02 পরিচয়ের শেষে বলুন

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✔️ Nice to meet you. .
✔️ I am Pleased to meet you.
✔️ Happy to meet you.
✔️ How do you do?

English Conversation: 03 নিজ সম্পর্কে বলুন

• Hi, my name is Salman.
• I come from Bangladesh.
• I live in Dhaka.
• I’m 25 Years old.
• There are three people in my family. They are my father, my mother and me.
• I’m a student at Dhaka University
• My major is English.
• My favorite subject is Math.
• My hobbies are…
• In my free time, I also enjoy cricket.
• (don’t) like, dislike/ hate … .
• My favorite food/ drink is coffee.
• My favorite singer/ band is ….
• I like … (movies)
• I sometimes go to Cox’s Bazar, I like it because it’s the longest beach in the world
• I study English because I love it.
• I’ve been learning English for 3 years/since 2010.
• I would like to be a/an (banker) because it’s a prestigious job in society.

English Conversation: 04 বিদায় জানান

• Bye!
• Goodbye!
• Bye-bye
• Farewell
• Cheerio
• See you
• I’m out
• Take care
• I’m off
• Gotta go!
• Good night

• Bye for now
• See you later
• Keep in touch
• Catch you later
• Take it easy
• I gotta take off
• See you soon
• Talk to you later
• See you next time
• Have a good one
• Have a good/nice day

English Conversation: 05 আমি  রাজি

• I agree
• I really agree with you.
• I think you are right.
• I cannot but agree with you.
• You said it.
• Can’t say I don’t agree.
• I’m with you on this.
• I completely agree on this point.
• I agree on this.
• I strongly agree with you.
• You can say that again.

English Conversation: 06 Help চাইবেন?

• I need some help, please.
• Could you help me for a second?
• Can you give me a hand with this?
• I can’t manage. Can you help?
• Give me a hand with this, will you?
• Lend me a hand with this, will you?
• Could you spare a moment?
• Can I ask a favour?
• I wonder if you could help me with this?
• I could do with some help, please.
• Do you have any free time on/at ___(day, date, time)?
• I am having a problem with _ _ _ _ Do you think you can help me?
• If you don’t mind, I could really use your assistance with_-_?
• If you don’t mind, I really need your help with.
• I know you’r good at/with ___, and I really could use some help.
• Do you know anything about ___?

English Conversation: 07 পথ অনুসন্ধান

• Where is the nearest Bank?
• Could you tell me how to get to the Dhaka College?
• Can you tell me the way to Chittagong University?
• Which is the best way to go (কোন স্থান/যেখানে যেতে চান ওটার নাম বসিয়ে দিন) ?
• What’s the best way to..?
• Pardon me, I’m lost, how do I get to…?
• How do I get to…?
• How do I find…?
• Could you direct me to…?
• Is this the right way for..
• I’m looking for this address
• Excuse me, How can I go to…?
• Excuse me, do you know where the post office? A St.
• Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the bus station
• Do you have a map?
• Can you show me on the map?
• Are you from around here? 
• Are we on the right road for…?

English Conversation: 08 দরদাম করুন

• How much?
• What is the price of X?
• How much does It cost?
• How much does it cost to the shirt?
• What does it cost to the book?
• How much does it cost for this table?
• What does it cost for the Tv?
• How much is it?
• How much is it to X?
• How much is it for X?
• How much do you charge?
• What do you charge?
• How much do you charge to X?
• What do you charge to X?
• How much do you charge for X?
• What do you charge for X?

English Conversation: 09 সময়  জানুন

• What time is it?
• What is the time now?
• What is the time by your watch?
• Do you have the time?
• Do you know what time is it?
• Can you tell me what time is it?
• Could you tell me the time, please?
• Do you happen to have the time?
• Have you got the right time?
• What time do you make it?

English Conversation: 10 ধন্যবাদ দিন

• Thanks…
• Cheers…
• Thank you very much.
• That’s so kind of you.
• Many thanks…
• I can’t thank you enough…
• You’ve made my day.
• You are great.
• I’m in your debt.
• You are the best. .
• Thank you so much. .
• Thanks a million.
• You’re an angel.
• Thanks a bunch. .
• I do not know how to thank you.
• All my love and thanks to you….
• Words can’t describe how thankful I am.
• Please accept my best thanks…….
• Thanks a ton for helping out.
• I really appreciate it.

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